The 7.83 Hertz Schumann Frequency Generator

Heartbeat of the Earth

The basic frequency of health

If an electrically charged body vibrates at approximately 7.83 Hertz, it connects to the electrostatic field of our home planet. Every living being that emits this frequency reminds others of the heartbeat of the earth. The 7.83 Hertz vibration therefore is something like the basic frequency of our health. However, due to the increase of technical radiation on earth, this frequency is more and more fading into the background. But there is a possibility to restore this natural frequency in one's own four walls by setting up a so-called Schumann frequency generator - and thus to support the human body in maintaining its natural harmony.

American physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was obsessed with the idea of resonance. His inventions grew bolder until he began experimenting with the fundamental resonance of the Earth. Tesla discovered that the space between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere (Earth's distance 70 - 400 km) resonates. After Tesla, it was the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who, in 1952, was the first to recognize that certain resonance frequencies for electro-magnetic waves exist between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere due to the geometry of the two spherical shells. The scientific proof of these resonance frequencies, later called "Schumann waves", succeeded his doctoral student and physician H. König in 1954.

These standing electromagnetic waves of ultra-low frequencies are the natural electromagnetic frequencies of the planet Earth. One of them, the most important, has an average of 7.83 hertz. It is the basic vibrational frequency of the Earth - a kind of heartbeat - and has the strongest influence on our sensation. By measuring human brain waves, it was found that this frequency is exactly between the theta waves (4-7 Hz) in dream sleep and the alpha waves (8-12 Hz) in a relaxed waking state, e.g. during meditation. It was further shown that the natural frequency of the human brain is also exactly 7.83 Hertz. This adaptation to the Schumann resonance developed in the course of millions of years through evolution.

7.83 Hertz = Harmony with the Earth

Today the electromagnetic background of the earth has changed radically by human activities. The "civilization radiation chaos" coming from industrial and household devices like microwaves, cell phones or WLAN is many times higher than the natural electromagnetic field of the earth. There are now so many electromagnetic "irritations" in the atmosphere that the body "no longer hears" the Schumann waves. The human brain receives more and more signals from outside, which are able to resonantly interact with the brain's own bioelectrical activity and thus disturb its functions. For this reason, it would be important to re-synchronize our brain with the natural Schumann wave.

What is the impact of missing Schumann waves?

NASA and the German biophysicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig have independently recognized that this signal is "biologically normal" and indispensable for the human organism. With increasing distance from Earth, astronauts got less and less of the Earth's magnetic field. Breakdown of metabolism, bone loss and a weakening of the immune system (!) were some of the possible consequences. The Russian space stations were also so successful because they were the first to artificially generate the Schumann frequency on board, which was missing outside the ionosphere, and thus combatted the cause of space sickness. But even on Earth, the absence of the oscillations can cause sleep disturbances, drowsiness, headaches, breathing and pulse changes, increased stress potential and lack of concentration.

What can be done about it?

The easiest way to get the Schumann frequency back into your own four walls is to set up a generator that "outbids" these disturbances. Brain research shows that the human brain reacts to external vibrations to which it is receptive by reorganizing its internal circuits. In a healthy state, a person's brain vibrates at 7.83 Hertz and is in a natural state of resonance with the earth. Positive effects include: Sleep problems can be eliminated more easily, people can find deep relaxation, illnesses could be overcome more quickly, people develop more motivation, getting awake and alert in the morning succeeds more quickly.

On the market of Schumann generators, there are various cheap products of questionable quality, mostly from China, as well as a Schumann generator from German manufacture. AUDIOPHIL GmbH in Munich, a specialist for high-quality music reproduction, initially developed their Schumann generator for an intensified perception of music, which is reflected in a more relaxed and natural music experience. The spoken word is also said to be better understood. In the meantime, AUDIOPHIL also counts alternative practitioners, dentists and physiotherapists among its customers, who operate the small "box" in their practices.

Audiophil Schumann generator data

The Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz is perfectly maintained with an accuracy of 0.01 Hz. The amplitude of the electromagnetic wave generated corresponds exactly to the natural strength of the Schumann wave on our planet. Only components of the highest quality are used, promising a long service life. The housing made of solid oiled pear wood is permeable to electromagnetic waves. 

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